Billy Heathen - West Virginia Video Released


Hope everyone had a awesome Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus/Candlenights, and made it through to the New Year alright!

Back in June of last year, we had the pleasure of shooting a music video for a beautiful song by Wilmington artist, Billy Heathen.

And now we can show it to you!

During production it felt like we crammed 48 hours of sweat into one 12 hour period. It was the middle of a North Carolina summer after all, and while that sweet mistress did test the limits of our sweat glands, she provided us with some beautiful images.

will _ Alex .jpg

Patrick Basquill was back again in the directors chair, limping around with a torn LCL, letting everyone else do his dirty work. Alex Hoelscher, part man, part machine, was the cinematographer. We rolled with a smaller crew for this shoot, with David Toothman gaffing, and Russell Huffman assisting camera. The tight, dedicated crew is one of the main things that made this shoot so special.

david 2.jpg

Another thing that made this shoot so special was our awesome location. With natural wood panel walls, and a gorgeous interior, we stumbled into exactly the kind of space we were looking for to tell the story of this music video.

Any filmmaker will tell you that location makes the difference between a ho-hum project and a great one. Even if you have the best, most, important, coolest ever story in the world, if the location doesn’t work you’re going to lose interest.

pat _ will 2.jpg

Working with Billy Heathen was an awesome experience. He was a delight to collaborate with, and when the time came to perform he really did. If you’re in Wilmington and your hear that there is a Billy Heathen show happening. Stop what you’re doing and go see it. If it’s not for several hours and it’s across town, doesn’t matter. Go ahead and stop what you’re doing and go camp out. Can’t wait to work with him again on future videos, as he continues to make music.

willy 14.jpg

This fine photos, that have graced this soon ending blog were provided by Matt Marino, a photographer who has since moved up to New York to be a part of the big time.

As Wallaby Media, continues to produce more work, we too will produce more blog material! More to come, ever onward and upward! Sayonara!

Project: Billy Heathen - West Virginia
Director: Patrick Basquill
Cinematographer: Alex Hoelscher
Edit: Erica O’Brien & Alex Hoelscher
Gaffer: David Toothman
AC: Russell Huffman

Special thanks to Matt Marino for BTS photos and to Jim Henry.

The talented individuals in Wilmington NC always amaze us. Go check out West Virginia and Billy Heathen’s other music on Spotify!