Credible Commercials


Wallaby Media has a new national commercial production! Curated reached out to Wallaby Media to create and produce some commercials for, a student loan refinancing website.

Because has clients all over, Wallaby would have to do a little traveling to get the job done. We assembled a small versatile crew of friends and hit the road.


Our first stop was Greenville, South Carolina. We got in the night before shooting would begin, and got all our gear prepped. We had a Red Gemini, Fujinon Cabrio 19-90, Easyrig, Wireless video and follow focus system along with a bunch of other goodies. The next day was gonna be a rockin roller coaster of footage.

In the morning we visited Shaylin at her house. Doing interviews in a space where the subject is comfortable is always good because then you get to who they are faster then when they are in an unfamiliar space. She rocked the interview, it was hard to believe it was her first time in front of a camera.

After the interview portion of the day, we went to Shaylin’s job, Foothills Veterinary Hospital. So there were many cute pups and cats around who wanted to be played with. We of course played with them. One very good girl, who made her debut on screen was Atlas who was very loving, energetic, but at the same time was a very good actress who took great direction.

After a quick bite to eat in Greenville, it was back on the road. This time it was onto Atlanta, Georgia to talk to Melissa.


In the morning we went once again to the subject’s house, and did the interview portion of the footage. Melissa was a total natural, and her spirit and energy came across instantly! Melissa is an aspiring radio producer, so after the interview we went to a local radio station, WABE. Shooting her in that studio gave us more awesome footage than we could use.

We got everything wrapped and knocked out before the sun had even gone down. So the team literally road off into the sunset in search of wrap tacos and margaritas. At the end of the day Wallaby had shot two commercials, in two days, in two different states!


It was a whirlwind adventure, and every member of the commercial production team went above and beyond. The footage turned out great, and we think the commercials did too.

You can check them out here:

Credible Commercial - Melissa
Credible Commercial - Shaylin