Donny & Clive - Short Film Shoot Equipment Rental


Chris and Lowe McKee have made quite a few short films with Dylan Cooper and Director of Photography Kenny Martell, that have played at various film festivals across the country. They lived in Wilmington, NC for a time and worked with Alex Hoelscher on a few shoots years ago. They since moved to New York City, and have been working on pretty incredible projects ranging from commercials to documentaries and narrative projects.

When they reached out about a potential shoot in Durham, NC - we were stoked to work with them again! We put together a gear rental package consisting of our RED 8K Helium, Ronin, Easyrig, Canon Cinema Primes, Wireless Follow Focus & Monitors, Lighting and various grip equipment.

The shoot was a fun three days in Durham and Raleigh NC. It's an awesome feeling as a camera operator to show up to set loving the script, believing in it, and trying to hold the camera steady while not bursting into laughter at the actors' improvisational skills.

We can't wait to see the project once it's pieced together in editing!

If you are producing a film, we'd love to be a part of it! Feel free to reach out to us at for rental rates and availability.