Fortnite Music Video Fun (And a Crazy August)


We were absolutely stoked to be involved in another JT Music video, this time for Fortnite! If you haven't heard of the youtube artist JT Music and you're into video games, who are you? John and Christian are an absolute joy to work with. We also got to work with fellow nerdcore rappers Fabvl and Divide. Patrick took the reigns yet again as director, and came up with something really special. We can't wait to share it! 

For now, here are some behind the scenes photos. You can see our battle bus in Sunset Lighting & Grip, some greenscreen work and some awesome weapons provided by Charley Coleman! Also, a huge thanks goes out to Kristi Ray from Honey Heads films for all her help on the production.

All behind the scenes photos were taken by Matt Morino.


August has been incredibly busy for film production in the Wilmington area. Hannah and Megan are busy bringing their independent feature to life with the Duplass brothers. From what we've heard, Drought it going to be absolutely incredible. Brad and the Lighthouse Film Company team is busy on that project. There's a big short film in town that the talented Eli Wallace-Johannsen is shooting. AND Port City Films turned their new studio into a pirate ship - ARGH! That footage is looking incredible.

We at Wallaby Media are absolutely stoked on the success everyone is having right now, and we hope it continues rolling!