Gear Updates: SmallHD & Red


It’s been a busy September, and was set to be before an unwelcome Florence showed up on the doorstep. We’ve got 4 commercials, 2 music videos, 2 short films, a testimonial and corporate video all in different parts of preproduction or post. We hope everyone in the region stayed safe during the hurricane. We evacuated the office with all our gear & hard drives just to be safe.

While out on a forced sabbatical it was time to update some gear.

RED Camera Sensor Upgrade

We also have some big gear news. We took the hurricane to send in our Red Epic-W Helium to get updated. Red has received it, and we are eagerly awaiting our new Red DSMC2 Gemini package. I’m looking forward to the dual ISO, full frame high frame rate capabilities, extended recording time and storage, and ease of use in post.

We’ve had some clients reach out to us for rentals, and have already started reserving dates for the camera. We are expecting it in sometime around mid-October.

Feel free to shoot us a call or check back here for availability!



I’m a big fan of SmallHD. They’re monitors are portable, great as a director’s monitor or additional viewfinder, and are an incredible value for the cost. Recently our 702 was damaged during transport to a shoot. The joystick was broken, rendering the monitor a pain. I emailed SmallHD, and thought I was in for an expensive repair bill.

Turns out, I wasn’t in for a bill at all! SmallHD was incredibly helpful. They listened to the problem, I shipped them the monitor, and we got it fixed for free. They even let me pick it up from their office in Cary, since I was nearby due to the hurricane. If you’ve been on the fence about anything related to SmallHD, they’re a killer NC based company and totally worth it. 10/10