Hello & Goodbye Music Video - Out Now



After a pseudo hiatus, we’re back with another music video in collaboration with frequent fliers of Air Wallaby Media, JT Music.

This time for the nerdcore duo, we produced a hilarious nightmare romp into the game of Hello Neighbor. Sort of like Blues Clues meets Alfred Hitchcock, this universe definitely allowed director Patrick to play to the weird.

To achieve this weird hyper realistic cartoon universe, we built a house! Well, not really but pretty close. Four walls, wired lights, and doors? That’s all you need to make a house right?

Patrick, Tym (our constructor, instructor, and conductor), and Matt Smith, (yes the Doctor) all worked together to construct, paint and create this weird, wonderful and honestly kind of terrifying place. After 3-4 days of prep, the space was ready to be shot!

Production started in the morning, with Alex Hoelscher working as Director of Photography, and manning the camera, Brandon Robey keeping everything sharp and scary, Terry O’Deen, of Sunset Lighting and Grip, lending us his immense knowledge and body to make each scene pop and sparkle.

Video Stills

We ran with a smaller crew than normal, because we really needed to fly for a shoot like this, and boy did we. Hard to believe we created this much magic in just one day.

It’s good to back working the JT Music boys, SkullCruncher13 and Patfan 8326.

We’ll be back with more music video productions shot on RED camera, fueled by DEAD presidents, and it will be REDEMPTION, too. In the meantime, you can check this project out on their youtube channel.