Get Wick'd - Out Now


He once killed three people in a bar with a pencil. WITH A PENCIL!

John Wick has been unleashed. Both in theaters and on YouTube in the form of our new music video collaboration with JT Music.

While the story we told is not canonical to the John Wick lore, it is a possible reenactment of the famous time that Jonathon Wick, killed three people in a bar with a f*!#kin’ pencil.

The production once again directed by Patrick Basquill (who makes a small, yet important cameo) and shot by Alex Hoelscher was a whirlwind start to finish, and we wouldn’t have been able to put together the awesome product we did without our fantastic and dedicated crew. Charley Coleman, keeping everything safe, doing some light choreography, and Tym, again helping out as pretty much our everyman. Robin Wood, served as our AC and John Knudsen of joined us again, and lit us up.

We also welcomed Katarina Pavic on set and she kept everyone in line and made sure we were all doing what we were supposed to!

With any sort of fighting, you want to have as much rehearsal as possible, and practice out those action moves even more than any other type of move because, even though no one is actually getting hit, you pretending to. And when you’re pretending, sometimes you actually end up getting hit.

We got in a day early to dress the space, Pravda Night Club in downtown Wilmington was a pleasure to work with and absolutely made the day easier (HOW COOL IS THAT SPACE!). Additionally we were able to get some of our key fight guys in to… do some fighting!

On the day everyone showed up and showed us why we are so lucky to be working in such an incredible town!