JT Music - Ride or Die Video - Out Now


Giddy up pardner! We’re going out west!

(Well, we went out west, but you get it)

This weekend we premiered what we think is one of the coolest fricking music video projects we’ve ever had the pleasure to shoot. Not only was it a music video for our favorite video game music artists, JT Music, but it was also a western! Here it is:

There was a lot of work that went in before we even made it to Texas. But luckily we connected up with some very helpful people. Travis Locke, our animal wrangler was instrumental in connecting us with Amanda and Dennis Smith at Buggy Barns Museum, which ended up being our location (and prop warehouse). It was located about an hour outside of Austin TX.

Next we met with Matt Barrett of CalamityFX and set to building some pneumatic squibs. We did some practice rounds. So John and Christian both got shot a bunch.

Now since we were shooting a western, we had to go to Texas. So we packed up our trusty crew, including Nick Cocuzza, our AC/OneWheel riding Cam Op, ‘specially useful for filming horses, Alex Hoelscher, ze Director of Photography for this sweet production, Matt Barrett and Delanie Gilliss, who made sure everyone looked appropriately crusty, sunburnt, and bloodied (when the time came), Kate Gilbert who kept us on time and fed, and Patrick the director who’s so good with words, sometimes.

We were met in Blanco, TX by John Knudsen, our gaffer and brisket bae, and Ethan Sigmon, a friend from LA who joined the party and took some stills, handed out hugs, and kept morale high.

Once in Blanco, it was a whirlwind. Everything seemed like it happened at once.

Pistol Packing Paula greeted us at Buggy Barns for the scout day and guided us around for the next 3 days.

Here is a behind the scenes video of the production:

Anni Nicole, joined the cast as our Rider, because she was there to both be an excellent actress but also to keep our boys safe while they were riding horses. We got more then we could have hoped for though. She elevated the video with her performance and we were lucky to have had her on set.

At the end of the day we had a hell of a video on our hands. After taking it from pre-production to post-production, seeing it through every step of the way, we couldn’t be more proud to share it with all of you. More to come! YEE-HAW!