JT Music Video - Han Solo Rap - Out Now


JT Music has come out with another awesomely entertaining music video, this time set in the Star Wars Universe. Director Patrick Basquill brought his own unique viewpoint to a galaxy far far away, Alex Hoelscher shot it and Wallaby Media produced this video.

We a little too much fun on this one! We got to visit the Millennium Falcon, hangout with Stormtroopers, party with aliens, throw Darts at Porgs, and only one arm was ripped off! Here are some stills from the shoot.

It was incredibly fun getting to work with such talented people creating and playing in a world most of us grew up loving. Even if it is in the form of a parody, stepping inside this world was pretty awesome, as was building the Millenium Flacon ourself.

Here are some behind the scenes photos.