New Sense - Out Now


We had the pleasure of collaborating and producing a music video for upcoming artist iLLa wiLLa, formerly based in Asheville NC, and currently based in Napa CA.

From the beginning it was an incredibly collaborative production. Over several coffee meetings director Patrick Basquill and iLLa wiLLa, outlined the narrative and visuals for the video. Focusing on the pattern of everyday, separation between all of us, and reconnecting with the child inside. Thus the New Sense music video was born.

Shot in the historic Jacobe Warehouse, from the first scout day, cinematographer Alex Hoelscher was excited to be able to showcase this unique place. A former shopping center, the now empty warehouse was a unique location to use because of the variance in background as well as the natural ambiance. Every scene in the video, was shot within feet of each other set.

The icing on the cake, were our two stars, Lily Nicole, our protagonist, and Augie, the grounding child. Lily attacked each scene and set up with fervor, putting up with numerous costume changes, as well as the summer heat (it was very, very hot, in that top floor), and keeping everyone in line.

Augie was just the best. As soon as he got on set, he took over. He told Patrick to go take a nap, and took the reins.

You can check out iLLa wiLLa’s sweet tunes on Spotify and his videos on youtube.

We are so excited to be able share this music video with you!