Ocean Boulevard - Trailer


Last year Alex was having a normal day in the office working on commercial and video production things, when he got a call from sound man extraordinaire Josh Stowe to see if our Red Camera was available to rent. A short narrative film production had run into technical trouble with their camera during their shoot in Myrtle Beach, SC. Luckily for them and us, the Red was available to rent! We love the opportunity to provide a gear rental. So Alex packed up the video camera kit, hopped in his car, and cruised down to Myrtle Beach.

The shoot was for a short film called “Ocean Boulevard.” The trailer was just released recently, and it has us wanting to see the finished film!

The film is directed by Zoë Miller, and follows the story of an anguished man's search to find a fix during the breaking point of his heroin addiction. It was shot by cinematographer Kody Zenger who employed a variety of techniques to bring the story to life visually. This included using old Super 16mm lenses and a magnifying glass attached to the lens. The handheld vérité style he brought to the film blended perfectly with the narrative.

Ocean Boulevard is a special film. It was inspired by the true events of three people who are now in recovery from heroin addiction. It seeks to humanize and shine a spotlight on an epidemic that not only affects South Carolina, but the country. We’re just glad we got to be a small part of bringing such an important story to life.

You can find more info on the film from their website: https://www.oceanboulevardfilm.com/