Wallaby Drinks: Old Fashioned


Whew! We have been busy: shooting music videos, filming short films, producing commercials, putting together two different VR projects, AND getting our new office move-in ready……

Anyways, when you’re super busy sometimes you need to take a moment, have a laugh with friends and imbibe. That’s where this sweet little bar tool set from Groovy Guy Gifts has come in quite handy! It’s even got a sweet little W engraved on it (for Wallaby)!

Over here at Wallaby Media we’re particularly fond of Old Fashioneds. For those of you who don’t know -

Old Fashioned


1 ½ ounce of Bourbon or Rye whiskey (we prefer Rye but they both get the job done)

2 dashes of Angostura Bitters - available in the mixer section of most grocery stores

A sugar cube (or 2, depends on you, and quite often the quality of spirit)

An Orange slice

Equivalent cherries to sugar cubes

Rocks Glass (to drink from)

Mixing glass (to mix in)

Bar Tool Set


  1. Place the sugar cube(s) in the bottom of the mixing glass and dash those bitters on them. You really want those sugar cubes to really be saturated by bitterness, like they got passed over for that big promotion.

  2. Once they’ve been saturated, add your cherries and orange slices, and smash ‘em up. Make sure when you’re muddling the fruit to grind rather than smash, you really want to release the oil from the orange peel. No Mr. Cheney! Not that kind of oil!

  3. Once everything is pulped and looks like one mixture, go ahead and get your jigger (ours came with our Groovy Guy Gifts bar tool set), and use one side to do 1 oz and the other side to do ½, much easier then trying to eyeball it. I like to let the spirit rest in the sugar/fruit mixture for a moment, so everyone in the glass can absorb everyone else. Like a high school theatre mixer.

  4. Now you add ice! Be careful, you might want to shake that sweet bourbon drink up, but that ain’t it chief. You never want to shake bourbon (or gin) because that bruises the spirit, and causes more dilution of that good bourbon taste. And we want as much of that taste as possible. So STIR IT UP like Patti LaBelle in 1985 on the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack!

  5. Strain it! Our drink set came with a strainer so we used that to strain the Old Fashioned into a rocks glass over ice (if you have a whiskey rock, even better, but ice will work just fine).

  6. Cut a slice of orange and make a little flame thrower over top of the glass to keep the ghosts from your old fashioned.

The Groovy Guy Gifts bar tool set is the perfect supplemental piece for a classy drinker. It’s worked well for us when we were in need of a video production break, and we plan to use it for future wrap drinks!