Welcome to Tanglewood


Tanglewood is the brainchild of Denver-based film director Maggie Daniels. They shot the proof of concept trailer a few months ago, and have been generating a ton of buzz around the project. Now, they’re gearing up for the narrative feature film production.

Proof of Concept Trailer

Here is the project description from their Seed & Spark Campaign:

Tanglewood is a wonderlust view of a teenage world that takes you to a place of raw youth vulnerability and female self-empowerment. A cathartic film about a girl and the boy she put too much trust into, it will inspire young women to live more honestly and take back being themselves.

And here is their mission statement:

Maggie's truthful story highlights the diversity of race and class in the American South through the lens of a young female protagonist. With women heading production as writer, director, producer, cinematographer and composer, Tanglewood continues the fight for Gender Equality in film.

Pitch Video

We were fortunate enough to be on the proof of concept shoot. Maggie did a stellar job bringing her unique viewpoint to everything within the frame. Brian killed it as a first-time producer, making sure everyone had the resources they needed to do the best possible job. And the Honey Heads were there in full force, buzzing around creatively and guiding the production process every step of the way. It was an awesome shoot in Wilmington NC for a group of talented creative souls from Denver CO, and we look forward to the feature!

We were the rental house, and provided the gear rental for the project. This included our Red Gemini cinema camera which let us see in the night for some of the darker scenes. It also included our wireless video, Easyrig & Ronin combo, Flanders Scientific production monitor, wireless follow focus, and vintage Zeiss spherical primes along with some other bits and bobs.

Behind the scenes photos from Erika Edwards

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