"West Virginia" Music Video Production BTS


This past week we had an incredible time shooting a music video for Billy Heathen's song West Virginia. The music video was directed by Patrick Basquill and shot by Alex Hoelscher. Billy Heathen is a local Wilmington band and we've been a big fan of this song since we first heard it. We were so stoked to do the video!


The shoot location was incredibly important to the feel of the song. We had to find the perfect spot, as the location really became a character in this music video. We drove about 45 minutes away to the small town of Kelly, NC and shot at Henry farms. The house looked relatively untouched for the past 30 years or so. There was a variety of farm tools in a shed, wood panelling in the house, and really unique furniture. It was an absolute joy to shoot there.

BTS photos courtesy of Matt Marino

If you haven't hear Billy Heathen's "West Virginia" yet, you really should. You can check it out here or on Spotify:

We had an incredible shoot in Wilmington NC, and can't wait to share this awesome footage with the world!