JT Music

Fortnite Rap

JT Music is one of the most popular video game rap groups on Youtube. They have around 2 million subscribers on their youtube channel and come up with a new song every week. Patrick Basquill began collaborating with the duo on a few new music video ideas. In the world of video game rapping, live action music videos are unheard of. They decided to change that.

So far we've gone to the Star Wars universe, Fornite, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria and a Gamer Party.
We can't wait to see where this crazy duo goes next!

Han Solo Rap

Director: Patrick Basquill
DP: Alex Hoelscher


"Hours" Music Video

"Hours" JT Music
Director: Patrick Basquill
DP: Alex Hoelscher

Five Nights at Freddy's Rap

"Now Hiring at Freddy's" JT Music
Director: Patrick Basquill
DP: Alex Hoelscher

Behind the Scenes videos

Fortnite - Behind the Scenes Video

Five Nights at Freddy's - Behind the Scenes Video


Wondering what working with us is like? Here's what a few of our clients have to say.

REEDS Jewelers Bridal Commercial 2017

REEDS Jewelers "The Walk"
Director: Alex Hoelscher
DP: Alex Pollini

REEDS Jewelers recently decided to do a Bridal Film & Photo Shoot to generate content for Social Media & Print, as well as TV. This is the largest shoot REEDS has produced entirely in house to date, and we are really happy with how everything turned out. A HUGE HUGE thanks (and then some) goes out to everyone who helped on the shoot. 

Stills by: Kevin Titus & Ethan Gaskill

Wallaby Media Production Reel

This is our work.

Huge thanks to everyone who was a part of these projects, we couldn't have done it without you!

Some of this work features directing by Alex Hoelscher and Patrick Basquill, cinematography by Alex Hoelscher, Alex Pollini, Ethan Sigmon and Nick Cocuzza, VFX and CC by Benjamin Deutscher and Patrick Taylor, and tons of awesome production help from Ben Pellington! The reel was edited by Ryan Hoelscher.

Tobacco Road FC Promo

Tobacco Road FC is a semiprofessional soccer team in Durham, NC. They are in the PDL and have their sights set on growing their audience and bringing professional soccer to the Durham area. This is the one minute promo video for their 2017 season. We also produced a 2 Minute Club Overview video and a short 15 second promotional video for each of their home games this season. 

Red Bull Beat Battle Edit

DP: Grant Appleton
Director: Bryan Little
Crew Videos Edit: Alex Hoelscher

These videos introduced competing dance crews from all over South Africa for the first Red Bull Beat Battle in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Under the Mask Documentary Film

“Under the Mask” is a documentary film currently in production that follows Erica Julien competing in the World Fencing Championship in Epee at age 71.

Erica was born in Germany in a refugee camp following WWII. Since then she’s raised a family, has grandchildren, lost her husband, works part time, and recently took up a new sport at age 66 – fencing. Now she is returning to Germany for the first time since leaving as a small child, and will represent the USA. We will dive into the various obstacles she’s overcome in life and on the fencing strip to reach the tournament.

The short version of the film screened twice at the Cucalorus Film Festival. The feature version is currently in post production.

More Info & Website:

Dudley Taft Music Videos

Director: Alex Hoelscher
DP: Alex Hoelscher

Dudley Taft has had a pretty incredible adventure in the music world. He’s been complimented by the legendary Robert Plant and opened for Pearl Jam. Now, he’s out on his own in the Blues Rock world, making the kind of music he wants to play and listen to.

We’ve produced more than 10 music videos and 2 EPKs for Dudley, as well as a Behind the Songs segment for every song off his albums “Deep Deep Blue” and “Screaming in the wind” which you can see on his youtube channel and at his website. A few of our music videos have more than 20,000 views online.


Director: Alex Hoelscher
DP: Alex Pollini

This was a great shoot for Shah Luxury out of New York City, which brought the team to Nashville, TN. Though it was low budget and we only had a day to shoot, we got some incredible footage, and I’m really happy with the final product. 

REEDS Jewelers Seasonal Commercials


Director: Alex Hoelscher
DP: Alex Pollini

Valentine’s Day is a big holiday for jewelry companies all over America. REEDS Jewelers wanted a concept that stood out from the rest of the Valentine’s Day Marketing. So I came up with a concept that tied the idea of light to love and to diamonds. The idea was to show that as long as a couple has each other, they have all the light they need.

The 2 day shoot was a great, character building experience along the Oregon Coast at Haceta Head Lighthouse in the dead of winter: cold, wind and rain didn’t stop us though. The talent and crew did incredible despite the tough conditions and REEDS Jewelers was happy with the result.

Stills: Ethan Sigmon


Director: Alex Hoelscher
DP: Alex Pollini

REEDS Jewelers wanted to create a new creative campaign focused on Mother’s Day that tied into their tagline: Your family-owned jeweler ~ trusted for generations. The concept we came up with was a Mother, Daughter and Granddaughter finding old family films, and watching them together. We used an old Bell & Howell 16mm projector, shot on the Alexa Mini and built our own set.

The shoot was planned by everyone at REEDS. I took care of the directing, editing & production which you can see here. The cinematographer was Alex Pollini. The still photography was done by Ethan Sigmon.

Stills: Ethan Sigmon


Director: Alex Hoelscher
DP: Alex Pollini

The Holiday season is huge for many retailers and REEDS Jewelers wanted a commercial for the season that tied into their focus on family. We turned that into a commercial following three different families preparing for Christmas. We follow them as they put up their tree, decorate it and fill it with gifts - focusing on the little moments between them that make the holiday season memorable.

Stills: Andrew Bunting & Kevin Titus

I'm An Athlete


Director & Cinematographer: Alex Hoelscher

“I'm An Athlete” is a short documentary that follows Bryson Dowdy and his family in Charleston, WV. Bryson was born with spina bifida, but that hasn't stopped him from playing sports any chance he gets. Bryson falls in love with sled hockey at a young age, and his family decides to create a league of their own, since access to adapted sports is still so limited in most parts of the country.

This short doc is currently on the film festival circuit. It was produced for the I'm An Athlete Foundation, which provides grants for research into adapted sports.

More Info & Website:

Anna ClEndening
"Boys Like You"
Music Video

Director: Daniel Carberry
DP: Alex Hoelscher

Many people were first introduced to Anna Clendening on America's Got Talent, when she movingly covered "Hallelujah."  Since then she has worked on creating her own original music. With over 500,000 followers on Instagram, she has amassed quite a following. She has been open about her struggles with anxiety and depression, which has helped many people struggling with those same issues.

"Boys Like You" is an ode to the boys that moms everywhere warned their daughters not to date...but dated anyway. Daniel Carberry is an incredible director, and he brought his own passion for storytelling and imagery to the song. Alex Hoelscher of Wallaby Media was the Cinematographer on the video.

Wanderlust collection

A Day Away

A Day Away

DP: Alex Pollini
Alex Hoelscher

The Wanderlust Collection was born from footage we shot over a one week trip across America from North Carolina to Montana. It featured everything from wide open landscapes to romantic city images to hikes. We’ve organized the countless hours of footage into the collections you see here. There will be more to come in the future.

We had an awesome team on this shoot.
That’s one of the best part of what we get to do, work with incredibly talented people.

Director: Alex Hoelscher • Director of Photography: Alex Pollini • Model Talent: Mela Torres & Lee Jones • Stills Photographer: Ethan Sigmon • HMUA & Wardrobe: Chelsea Sule • Driver & PA: Reeves Brown

Editorial Stills from the Trip