Jennifer Moss Isbell

Marketing Director for Wilmington Eye

Alex is awesome! Extremely professional, reliable and communicative. He is able to collaborate and work well in a team if necessary, or wear all of the different hats with gear, editing, etc...when needed. Very speedy turnaround and responses - excellent at juggling multiple tasks and projects at once. Impressive and professional end results, very talented at what he does. I will use Wallaby Media in the future and appreciate Alex's eye for great video production.

Patrick Basquill

Music Video Director for JT Music

There is a reason I continue to go back Wallaby Media every time I have a video project to complete. The complete package - gear rental, creative collaboration, video editing, and color correction. I take an idea into a meeting and come away with a better grasp of the project we're putting together, and all the means to get it done! Full service from beginning to end. I take any chance I get to work with Wallaby Media!