4 C-Stands
5 Arri Light Stands
2 Mombo Combo Stands
12x12 Collapsible Frame
12x12 Diffusion
12x12 UltraBounce
Collapsible 4x4 Frame
4x4 Floppy
4 Apple Box Families
2 Fog Machines
3 5 in 1 Bounces
Various Clamps
Gel Bucket
Various Sandbags
Digital Juice Collapsible Frames Kit (Includes 4 frames w/ scrims, silks & flags & Case)
Collapsible 8x12 Greenscreen
Collapsible Wardrobe Changing Booth
Various Lighting Gloves

Don't See What You Need?
If you require additional grip gear, we have connections all across North Carolina.
We'll be more than happy to put you in touch with the vendors we use.