This is our favorite camera and the one we use on a majority of our commercial projects. We've built out a kit that really sets you up to get some killer footage. The kit is fully customizable, so you only pay to rent what you need. We can provide you with a free camera prep day and help you get used to the camera and kit prior to your shoot. We also include free help in post in case you are unaccustomed to working with RED footage or resolutions higher than 4K. You can also rent the camera with one of our Camera Operators and/or hire us to edit if you'd like.
Additional Camera Info


RED DSMC2 Gemini Body
Standard OLPF
RED Epic-W Cage
RED MiniMags
RED Touch 4.7 LCD
RED V-Lock Expander
Handheld Shoulder Rig & Handles
Tilta Follow Focus
Sony Dovetail Plate
EF Mount
EF Motion Mount
PL Mount
Dracast V Mount Batteries
Dracast V Mount Charger

Sony A7SII

Sony A7SII
Sony A7SII Cage
Sony Handheld Rig
Metabones EF Adapter
Sony Batteries
Sony Charger
128GB SD Cards
Sony A7SII Waterproof case

Sony FS700

Sony FS700
Sony Batteries
Sony Battery Single Charger
Sony Battery Double Charger
Metabones EF Adapter

GoPro Hero 4

Go Pro Hero 4
32GB Micro SD Card