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Producing Jewelry & Fashion Commercials is how we got our start. They're one of our favorite types of commercials to make. We can create a concept if you don't have one, or take the ideas you already have and bring them to life.

In these videos we work with the top modeling agencies in the US to find a face that represents your brand. We then meticulously plan every aspect of the shoot, making sure that your product looks the best that it can.

We'll prepare a pitch booklet giving you an idea of how we'll bring your brand to life and different budget options to fit your needs. This is all free of charge. All our quotes are all inclusive, and include high end photography and various social media edits.

We've done work for jewelry and fashion brands all over the USA. From REEDS Jewelers in the Southeast to various companies in New York. Whether you're a retailer or a vendor, we can make you and your brand stand out from the crowd.

Some jewelry & fashion videos we've produced:

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