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We love music videos, and we've been making them for more than ten years for a variety of artists. This includes a musician from the Voice, a Youtube Artist with over 2 million followers, a Blues Rock Musician who regularly performs in Europe, various country artists and singer songwriters as well as countless others.

We can work with you to create a unique concept, or take a concept you have and bring it to life visually.

Director: Daniel Carberry
DP: Alex Hoelscher

More Music Videos We've Worked On:

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Band Mini Docs & EPK Videos

In addition to music videos, we also produce mini-docs on different bands. These are like an EPK or Meet the Artist video. These are short films that tell a band's story. They can also be used as album Release promos and are great for connecting with your fans.

Lyric Videos

Lyric videos are great! They're cheap to produce and give your music access to a greater audience. When they're done wrong, they're awful blocks of text on Google Images. When done right, they tell a story.